New Releases

(2020) "How to Set Up A Cash Buffer : A Practical Guide to Developing and Implementing a Cash Buffer Policy", Yasemin Hürcan, Fatoş Koç, and Emre Balıbek, IMF How to Notes 2020/04, International Monetary Fund

(2020) "How to Develop A Framework for the Investment of Temporary Government Cash Surpluses", Israel Fainboim, Sandeep Saxena, and Mike Williams, MF How to Notes 2020/03, International Monetary Fund

(2020) "Update on the Joint IMF-WB Multipronged Approach to Address Debt Vulnerabilities", World Bank; International Monetary Fund, Strategy, Policy, & Review Department

(2020) "Cyber Risk and Financial Stability: It’s a Small World After All", Frank Adelmann, Jennifer Elliott, Ibrahim Ergen, Tamas Gaidosch, Nigel Jenkinson, Tanai Khiaonarong, Anastasiia Morozova, Nadine Schwarz, and Christopher Wilson, IMF Discussion Note SDN/20/07, International Monetary Fund

(2020) “Valuation Methodology For Contingent Liabilities in Infrastructure Projects: The Colombian Case”, General Directorate of  Public Credit and National Treasury, Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, Colombia

(2020) "The Role of State-Contingent Debt Instruments in Sovereign Debt Restructurings", Charles Cohen, S. M. Ali Abbas, Myrvin Anthony, Tom Best, Peter Breuer, Hui Miao, Alla Myrvoda, andEriko Togo, IMF Discussion Note SDN/20/06, International Monetary Fund

(2020) "Engaging with Investors on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Issues: A World Bank Guide for Sovereign Debt Managers", World Bank

(2020) "Riding the Wave: Navigating the ESG Landscape for Sovereign Debt Managers", Sebastien Boitreaud, Ekaterina M.Gratcheva, Bryan Gurhy, Cindy Paladines, and Andrius Skarnulis, World Bank

(2020) "Do Enhanced Collective Action Clauses Affect Sovereign Borrowing Costs?", Kay Chung and Michael G. Papaioannou, IMF Working Paper No. 20/162, International Monetary Fund

(2020) "The International Architecture for Resolving Sovereign Debt Involving Private-Sector Creditors—Recent Developments, Challenges, and Reform Options", IMF Policy Paper No. 2020/043, International Monetary Fund

(2020) "Sovereign Investor Relations: From Principles to Practice", James Knight and Bill Northfield, IMF Working Paper WP/20/204, International Monetary Fund 

(2020) "Stress Testing : Principles, Concepts, and Frameworks", Li Lian Ong and Andreas A. Jobst, International Monetary Fund

(2020) "Drivers of European Public Debt Management", Guido Wolswijk, ECB Working Paper No. 2347, July 2020, European Central Bank

(2020) "Central Bank Bond Purchases in Emerging Market Economies", Yavuz Arslan, Mathias Drehmann and Boris Hofmann, BIS Bulletin No. 20, Bank for International Settlements

(2020) "Power to the Fiscal? An Exploration of the Use of Credit Ratings to Estimate the Expected Cost of a Guarantee of a Power-Purchase Agreement", Çiğdem Aslan and Tim Irwin, Policy Research Working Paper No. 9271, World Bank

(2020) "Scenario Analysis Tool for Assessing and Monitoring of Government Guarantees: A Guidance Note", Lilia Razlog, Chris Marrison, and Tim Irwin, MTI Global Practice, Discussion Paper No.21, May 2020, World Bank

(2020) "A Framework for Managing Government Guarantees", Lilia Razlog, Tim Irwin, and Chris Marrison, MTI Global Practice, Discussion Paper No.20, May 2020, World Bank

(2020) "Public Sector Debt Definitions and Reporting in Low-Income Developing Countries", Joint IMF-World Bank Policy Paper No. 20/005, IMF

(2020) "Debt Management Responses to the Pandemic",  Special Series on COVID-19, Monetary and Capital Markets, IMF

(2020) "State Debt Management in Nigeria : Challenges and Lessons Learned", Lilia Razlog, Yue Man Lee, Ying Li, and Jaime Garron Bozo, MTI Global Practice, Discussion Paper No.19, April 2020, World Bank

(2020) "Central Bank Operations in Government Securities During the Pandemic", William A. Allen, NIESR Policy Paper. 014, National Institute of Economic and Social Research

(2020) "The Next Step in Green Bond Financing", Dion Bongaerts and Dirk Schoenmaker, Erasmus University Rotterdam

(2020) "Green Bonds for Financing Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Southeast Asia: A Review of Policies", Dina Azhgaliyeva, Anant Kapoor and Yang Liu, ADBI Working Paper Series, Asian Development Bank Institute

(2020) "Debt rule design in theory and practice: the SGP’s debt benchmark revisited", Sebastian Hauptmeier and Christophe Kamps, European Central Bank Working Paper No 2379, ECB

(2020) "Natural Disaster Insurance for Sovereigns: Issues, Challenges and Optimality", Aliona Cebotari and Karim Youssef, IMF Working Paper WP/20/3, IMF


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