Sovereign Debt Management

International financial markets assign the status of "sovereign debt" to the public debt issued by governments. This status reflects the highest quality debt issuers in the market, and most with the strongest credit rating. As a result of this status, sovereign borrowers are expected to have a risk management culture, which fully reflects the government's risk preferences and the special set of responsibilities associated with representing the government in the international financial markets. These responsibilities are considerable, particularly if the government's reputation in international financial markets is to be maintained at the highest level. Over the past 25 years, governments have taken measures to strengthen public debt management by establishing an autonomous debt management office or agency.

Storkey & Co Publications Available for Downloading

The two presentations made by Ian Storkey at the 2018 Asian Regional Public Debt Management Forum, Koh Samui, Thailand from 13 to 15 June 2018 are now available on the website.


The three presentations made by Ian Storkey at the 2017 Asian Regional Public Debt Management Forum, Siem Reap, Cambodia from 4 to 6 April 2017 are also available on the website.



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